Industrial Income Trust, Inc. (IIT) and Western Logistics II, LLC are merging

You may have recently received communication from IIT of a planned liquidity event. This information, while helpful, may prompt further questions for you about your IRA holding. The cash proceeds from the liquidation of IIT will be distributed from your IRA according to the existing income distributions (dividend instructions) on your IRA. If you previously had your FTR IRA income distributions set to reinvest into IIT, the liquidation distribution will be deposited into your Undirected Cash/NOW account as a non-taxable money movement. After the funds have been added to the Morrill & Janes Bank and Trust NOW account, you have several options available to you.


As always, we encourage you to seek the guidance of your professional financial representative and/or tax advisor when making these important investment decisions.


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Press Release

DENVER, CO — July 28, 2015

Industrial Income Trust Inc. (“IIT” or the “Company”), a leading U.S. industrial real estate investment trust, announced today that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which it will be acquired by Western Logistics II LLC (“Western Logistics”), an affiliate of Global L ogistic Properties Limited (“GLP”), in an all cash transaction valued at approximately $4.55 billion, subject to certain transacti on costs.

Following SmartStop’s listing on a traded exchange, your available options are outlined below:


Do nothing.

You can keep your position and remain with First Trust Retirement. Enjoy the same benefits that you’ve always had.


Remain with First Trust Retirement, but request the proceeds be deposited into Industrial Property Trust, Inc.

If you wish to have the proceeds of the IIT liquidating distribution reinvested into Industrial Property Trust, Inc. (IPT), as a Non-Reportable Transfer of Assets, please review and complete the IIT Event Transfer Request stub. Submit this stub with the required product sponsor documentation. Funds will stay in the same IRA plan type with First Trust Retirement as Custodian, changing investments only.


Remain with First Trust Retirement, but select another alternative investment.

Please select from alternative investment sponsors listed below, complete the required paperwork, and enjoy the same great service at the same low cost.


Transfer cash proceeds to another custodian or brokerage account.

To send liquidation proceeds that are in your NOW account to a different account other than the First Trust Retirement IRA, submit completed transfer paperwork from the new financial institution by mail. Please consult your financial representative. There may be fees associated with this option.


Alternative Investment Products Available

Stay with First Trust Retirement and move your IRA to another alternative investment. Complete the IRA Transfer/Rollover form, FTR IRA Application*, and the new Sponsor's subscription documentation. Sign all forms and mail to the appropriate address listed on the form.

*IRA Application only required if IRA account does not exist within Product Sponsor.