American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust, Inc. and Ventas, Inc. are merging

You may have recently received communication from American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust, Inc. (ARC-HT) that they are merging with Ventas, Inc. (Ventas) to enhance shareholder value. This information, while helpful, may prompt further questions for you about your IRA holding.


This merger has caused significant changes in the relationship between FTR and the product ARC-HT merged into, Ventas. FTR keeps its costs low by utilizing the product sponsor’s existing transfer agency structure. This allows us to embed our services into the media, mailings, and reporting that is already in place for the product sponsors. This merger has transitioned ARC-HT off of that structure. Due to this transition, the FTR IRA account holders impacted by this merger will receive notification and explanation from FTR on the new structure and services on their account.


Starting on January 16, 2014, please use the mailing and contact instructions listed below for all requests on Ventas, Inc. FTR IRA account(s).


Regular Mail Overnight
First Trust Retirement
Attn: FTR- Publicly Traded
PO Box 219261
Kansas City, MO
Mail Stop: FTR- Publicly Traded
430 West 7th Street
Suite 219261
Kansas City, MO

As always, we encourage you to seek the guidance of your professional financial representative and/or tax advisor when making these important investment decisions.


Please return to our Corporate Actions page for answers to additional questions you may have.



SEC Proxy filing

Following the merger, your available options are outlined below:


Do nothing.

You can keep your position and remain with First Trust Retirement. Enjoy the same benefits that you’ve always had.


Remain with First Trust Retirement, but select another alternative investment.

Please select from alternative investment sponsors listed below, complete the required paperwork, and enjoy the same great service at the same low cost.


Sell your shares and move to cash position remaining with First Trust Retirement.

You can call us, or utilize the Liquidation Request Form by fax or mail to complete a sale order of your shares and move the proceeds to a cash position within First Trust Retirement.


Transfer shares to another custodian or brokerage account.

To send sale proceeds to a different account other than the First Trust Retirement IRA, submit completed transfer paperwork from the new financial institution by mail. Please consult your financial representative. There may be fees associated with this option.


Alternative Investment Products Available

Stay with First Trust Retirement and move your IRA to another alternative investment. Complete the IRA Transfer/Rollover form, FTR IRA Application*, and the new Sponsor's subscription documentation. Sign all forms and mail to the appropriate address listed on the form.

*IRA Application only required if IRA account does not exist within Product Sponsor.