Fee Structure

How does First Trust Retirement keep our Fiduciary Fees Low?

FTR keeps its costs low by utilizing the product sponsor's existing DST Systems, Inc. transfer agency structure. This allows us to embed our services into the media, mailings and reporting that is already in place for the product sponsors that partner with us. This keeps the fees low, and the services efficient.
First Trust Retirement Other IRA Custodians
Annual Fee* Preferred Private/Publicly Traded Product Sponsors — $25 or $30
Non-Preferred Public Traded Product Sponsors — $45
Setup Fee $0 $25.00
Transaction Fee $0 $3.00
Statement Fee $0 $5.00
Purchases, Sales, Corporate Actions** $20 $5.00
Cash Disbursements by Check $0 $5.00
Re-Registration Charges Per Investment $0 $30.00
Closing Fees $0 $125.00

*Preferred Private/Publicly Traded Product Sponsor fees vary by client.  Please review the First Trust Retirement Financial Disclosure for more information.

**A $20 fee is incurred during listing events to cover the cost of selling your shares on the market.

Custodian Fees

First Trust Retirement, as Custodian, may charge reasonable fees or compensation for its services and may deduct all reasonable expenses incurred by it in the administration of your IRA account, including any legal, accounting, distribution, transfer, termination or other designated fees.

The fee for existing account holders will be due to be prepaid and/or collected in the first quarter of every year. If a new account that is applicable to our Fiduciary Custodian fee is opened after the first quarter of the year, that account's fee will be collected in the last quarter for that year only. The following year it will be treated as an existing account and will be collected in the first quarter.